What is House Staging?

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What is house staging? House staging before selling has always been recommended to sellers. When you are going to sell your house, it’s when you realize how much you have gathered throughout the years. The priority was to keep a joyful and comfortable home that suited perfectly your lifestyle and habits. The process of detaching and understanding that a potential buyer would perceive the benefits of the property from a very different angle is sometimes difficult.

Now, when you take the decision of selling the potential buyer is primarily looking to see if the spaces and flow of the house fit their own style of life. 

Depending on each case, it is wise to analyze the highlight that the house by itself offers and the marketing strategy that could benefit before doing anything else. Experienced Real Estate Agent’s exposed in the business can be very helpful with great recommendations.  

But if the budget allows it, If you are my client you are lucky because I am a designer,  but for others, I suggest to get in contact with a designer and get at least a consultation for some advice. There is nothing like the eye of a professional to advise some quick tips or add a few touches to help accelerate the process of selling your property.

Why Staging an Empty House?

A large percentage of people have a hard time visualizing space dimensions. It is harder to imagine whether their furniture would fit and how would it look. 

There are luxury staging specialists that only dedicate to enhance empty houses. They provide the furniture, the styling, and decor during the period the house takes to sell. It is a very successful technique to accelerate selling your house.

Now, It is more commonly used in luxury real estate listings.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is a more recent technique where graphic or interior designers can help.

The home decor is digitally done to the pictures that were taken of the main areas of the house achieving the same idea of helping the potential buyer perceive better the space dimension of the house. 

In this case, the pictures are presented in the form of a marketing presentation of the property as well as the marketing material for the different online platform that will be used to market the property.

Selling a house requires a lot of effort from the owners, using staging can be of great help. I recommend you to ask your Real Estate Agent about the different techniques to help the process of the sale of your house.  

Table of Contents

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