Mister George at Art Basel 2019

Mister George Mix Media art work, during 2019 Art Basel
Mister George featured artist at Patricia Jimenez Art Space Gallery exhibits during Art Basel 2019

Mister George or George Nicolas-Nader is a young street artist. Native from Miami with Cuban-Dominican origins, he attended Fashion and Visual Arts School at the Florida International University.

At a very young age, he got fascinated by a book from Jean-Mitchel Basquiat who remains to be a great influence in his work.

Mister George Fashion & Arts

His fashion background leads him to have the opportunity to collaborate with fashion designer Fabrice Tardieu on his first Art Basel participation in 2016. Then Limited Edition Gallery invited him to host an event alongside Moebius and Spencer Mar

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David Ortiz & Ray Allen Fundraiser featured one of his artworks. He then participates at the National Hotel along with Shawn Kolodny and Lexy Pride during Art Basel 2017.

During 2018, he was approached by Lionsgate to his work stagging on two films “Trabajo Sucio” and “Que Leon” alongside other featuring Latin Artists such as Puerto Rican rap singer Ozuna and Dominican beauty queen Clarissa Molina.

He then painted his first mural in the Wynwood Arts District which can be seen at Modart Gallery, 146 N.W. 37th St. Later in 2018,  he impresses Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling when he presented his Breitling “Zorro” watch, to be featured at their Breitling Latin American Premier.

Mister George Art Basel 2019

Patricia from Patricia Jimenez Art Space Gallery and his beautiful mother exhibits his work as a solo at Red Dot Miami during this December Art Basel 2019.

George inspired on cartoons characters that represented childhood moments. He created several works of art including “the Flinstones”, “Cartoon Square” & “The Last Supper” using mixed media photography printed on canvas.

Today and tomorrow do not miss it you can still have the opportunity to visit Red Dot Miami, Wynwood Arts District during the Art Basel Week 2019.

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