Are You Being Offered Digital Marketing?

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Are you being offered Digital Marketing? Products, Real estate or Services as all other industries have dramatically changed since the use of the internet and the search engines as Google or Bing positioned themselves. The introduction of marketplaces as eBay, Amazon, MLS, and Zillow or similar, have been among the different professional platform used in all different fields. Then came social media like Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and some others to introduce networking which then became number one Advertising platforms avenues means in today’s world.

As the Internet has grown, new technologies and have emerged. The use of new tools and creative strategy to stand out through the searches as Google, Bing or Facebook are necessary to reach the right market and customer. The study of data has lead to dramatically improve the use of online marketing to identify and attract the potential consumer or buyer.

After 10-15 yrs of marketing online conventional marketing is practically dead. The results of conversion online exceed conventional conversion. That is why big brands adopted online marketing and forced little ones to adapt to new consumer behaviors.  

Technology and the Searches

The searches are oversaturated with content and some of the lead generators are not kept up. Alibaba or Zillow are examples of platforms that are not up to date, the number of information that is not correct is extremely high thus leading to inefficiency and longer time frame for a transaction to perform.

The algorithms are constantly changing. The changes are supposed to make things better helping industries to better optimize and show their content or brand. But all these changes then require a lot of training to keep up with the amount of information, training, and implementation of what works and what does not. 

 In the last few years, it has been the introduction of smartphones that have once more revolutionized the use of communication. Digital marketing underwent another drastic change. The searches now compete with Social Media visual algorithms & tools to accelerate Online businesses. 

Today Google and Facebook have millions of visits by the hour. oversaturation implies complete changes of the algorithm forcing brands to implement more structured campaigns and the use of multiple channels to obtain real results.  At the same time, it means the chances of your product /service being seen requires a lot of strategies. A call to action that might bring great results on Google Algorithm might hurt your campaign on Facebook Algorithm.

Visual media and new algorithms offer new tools to put your product/service on the feeds or in front of the consumer. Understanding how these new algorithms work on each digital platform is essential as well as how they interact together is key for effective result.

The Housing and Non-Discrimination Policy and Facebook

The non-discrimination policy, the Housing Act and the problem with security and/or misuse of private information has changed the Facebook algorithm and certain lines of businesses policies on Social Media marking the end of its internet organic traffic. 

The latest changes on FB & Instagram and their announcements for further changes are forcing businesses to pay Advertising to get actual business. 

Now, the use of FB & Instagram as a means to promote and accelerate business transactions has been given back to the Advertiser specialist. Digital marketing requires a full-time focus and extensive expertise to achieve success. 

The times for amateur or doing it on your own to get real business are long gone.  

Consumer Behavior

The Statistics show 85%-90% buyers or sellers depending on the industry and age start their research to buy or sell online.

The consumer research quality content that satisfies their needs. Their decision on how to pick their needs or a new style of life is based on who can provide the most detailed content. The content nurtures a relation of trust and opens the possibility of business.

The decision is pretty much taken online. The customer has a lot more knowledge, knows what he wants and usually choose the service or product that has satisfied his questions throughout the research process, and has gained their trust. You nurture the customer putting your product/service in front of the consumer.

Are You Being Offered Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a strategy that requires a custom made analysis on the price, the product/service, and the potential buyer. The strategy is then elaborated and implemented.

Depending on the different strategies, the marketing will be through the medium that produces the best results according to the potential buyers’ analysis. A mixture of content, indexations, CRM, Digital Ads, funnels, targeting, re-targeting etc is implemented.

The best way to find out if you are being offered digital marketing is by listening to all the terms you just read. Secondly, you will get monthly reports with enough data and metrics that will show you the exposure and the results of each platform used and the different strategies taken to expose your product, property or service.

Working with someone that has an online platform that is optimizing and has an SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  structure is the most important step. Today using only one channel is no longer efficient, therefore checking how many channels they use and how do they integrate them. Is very important. 

If you have a product, service or property that you want to sell and you expect these techniques being implemented it is your job to identify what you are being offered.

To avoid investing, getting little result or taking months to sell if you are convinced that you need to expand online you need to look for a Digital Marketing expert that understands your field.

So, keep on pounding and learn because Digital Marketing is here to stay! 

Table of Contents

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