Use Branding in Your Favor

In today's digital world, branding your image has become a tool to sell your service or product.

Just as companies use branding and image materials, colors and shapes to show brand values ​​or in other words differentiate themselves and show the world who they are, we should do the same with our bodies. For example, if we had a bag of organic potatoes and we want to show our customers how healthy they are, what colors would you use? How would the size be? because under the same principles of design we would also rule for ourselves.

Ask yourself, Who do you want to be and how do you want to show yourself? Have you ever thought of yourself as the best product you’re selling? Are you aware that you are the best selling weapon? Well, you are waiting to take full advantage of your potential and reach your goals.

If in addition a brand without words can make us feel an emotion, imagine everything you make others feel with your image. Involve your body expression, your personal touch and let your personality flow to conquer the world. Do not let a single day go by without taking advantage of your weapons. Decide who you want to be and go for it.

To work on you, you just have to ask yourself the right questions to find the right answers. And from the aesthetic point of view, are you chubby and you want to look thinner? Do you have the top part narrower than the bottom one? Do you have the bottom part wider than the one above? And so starting from the concepts that we named above you can apply it as follows: always look for verticality for the areas you want to reduce, the fabrics have to be with fall, with body and matt, the colors must always be neutral.

I propose as the last exercise that you take a while to write “your briefing” as if it were a new brand that comes to the market. Start thinking, Who do you want to be like? Who would be your competition? What are your superpowers? What would you improve? After your briefing, think very clearly about what you want to achieve and what you need to achieve it. Complement it with your image and what you need to create harmony in it.

I hope this post has encouraged you to get your best version. Remember that you are the vehicle to fulfill your dreams.

Author/Courtesy: Monica Cuetara 

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