“Oreo Portuondo” Tennis Dream

Fundraising event honoring"Oreo Portuondo" and building tennis scholarship fund
Key Biscayne longtime resident Aurelio Portuondo

“Oreo Portuondo” Tennis dream 

Aurelio Portuondo long time resident of Key Biscayne and mostly known for his devotion to KBTA as a pro and teaching kids how to play tennis and help them improve their skills. He is remembered by many for ” Keep the eye on the ball” as he would tell everyone!

During 2018 Aurelio was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer leaving a great loss for his family and the Key Biscayne Tennis Asociation. His mission was to help children that loved the sport and couldn’t afford it.

Tennis Fundraising event in Honor of Aurelio

His very good friend Pablo Arraya, with the intention to keep alive Aurelio’s legacy and devotion for the sport and as he mentioned the Islander news “how serving kids is the perfect way to honor his pal” joined helping Coldwell Banker make Aurelio’s dream come true.

As Coldwell Banker’s philosophy of giving back to the community, each year  Key Biscayne Coldwell Banker’s office chooses a mean to serve and give back. Betty Portuondo a longtime member of the CB office and Key Biscayne community brought her idea to Michael Suarez, manager of Colwell Banker’s office in Key Biscayne. And this is how a wonderful event honoring “Oreo” was organized.

The event is a great opportunity to honor a longtime resident, enjoy a great community event while at the same time help children that can’t afford to learn the sport.

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 Fundraising Tennis Event 

This fundraiser event sponsored by Arraya Tennis Academy and Coldwell Banker is held with the idea of increasing the Arraya Tennis Scholarship for children who can’t financially participate in this renowned program. The funds collected would also help cover transportation and participation in tournaments.

With just three more days for the event, I want to invite you all to participate in this great cause by joining and donating

Tennis Tournamnet

Donate Here for TennisForACause

So this coming Saturday 11th you are all invited to join for a wonderful day!


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