NYC Lifestyle vs Key Biscayne Paradise

China Town and NYC lifestyle vs Key Biscayne Paradise. Makes sense why NewYorkers choose retiring in Key Biscayne as one of their choices.

Just coming back from NYC, big cities have never been intimidating in my life. The diversity and activities to choose, always being surrounded by people is as important to me.  As soon as step NYC  it is an opportunity to go straight to China town and feel the Asian touch.

Growing up in Asia and around Asians marks you for the rest of your life, even though I am nor an Asian nor is my family.  To see them in their habitat reminds me of that part of myself growing up in Tokyo. Mind you that Asian culture is so different from one another that telling a Japanese that China town reminds me of growing up in Tokyo, would be the biggest insult.

Nevertheless, I was also exposed to Chinese whether HongKong, as it was a city with most occidental lifestyle, mingling with oriental culture, or Communist China at the time.

Now this last visit to China Town in NYC has marked a difference, the Cantonese Dim Sum has taken over. It is harder to find more Sezchuan, Shandon or Mongolese food as it used to be a few years ago.

My other remark during this visit is the fact of aging! yes, believe me. When you are young you can do all the walking and all the waiting and continue like nothing. But once you hit a certain age I have to admit it becomes much harder to keep up with the pace NY lifestyle demands.

I can see how much life in Key Biscayne spoils us, we are privileged of having everything on a golf cart distance, commuting to the mainland is a 20-minute drive, no need to walk and walk to see which restaurant has availability and worse, if you buy something you then need to hand carry it all day. If you order an Uber or Lyft is not about the cost it is about the time it takes to drive between traffic, and if you choose the subway it is the most extravagant adventure,  you see very fun stuff or very nasty ones, you get on time everywhere you go but the walking up and down the stairs leads you straight for a massage!

I can’t believe what I am sharing, but I can now relate why New Yorkers plan their retirement and choose to move to Key Biscayne!

Last but not the least, if you need some Chinese experience check every Saturday at the fresh market in Key Biscayne, and enjoy the best Dim Sum with our Key paradise island lifestyle experience!


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