Looking For A New School?

Plan ahead for your children's education. Find out some of the best schools in the city of Miami. Fl
Miami, Fl private and public schools

Looking for a New School? Planning ahead is crucial!

Whether you live or you have been relocated to Miami planning ahead for your kids education is a must. It will save you lots of worries as getting accepted into a good school can get very overwhelming. 

Private school’s long admission process or public schools’ variety of programs can both become stressful. It is important to start early so you do not miss all the opportunities your children could benefit from


Public School Choices and Programs

If you are considering Public School education for your children you are choosing the right city, Miami-Dade has one of the most diverse public school programs in the country. There are two ways you can benefit:

  • You need to research very carefully the A schools in the city, find out the zip code they serve and plan to live and become a homeowner on that specific location so your children can benefit from a good public education school. If your children have a determine talent or gift then research on the schools that offer the best program to further develop your child’s motivation or gift.
  • The Public School Admission process usually starts mid-oct/nov until the end of January. You can do your research online going to http://www.dadeschools.net/  or go to your nearest school and ask them for guidance.

Private Schools in Miami, Fl

Miami has all the choices of private schools when you are looking for a new school. If you are looking into private education showcasing and admission process starts during October. Check the date and make sure you do not miss it.

For your little ones you can try Alexander Montesorri, Betham Temple, St. Thomas Episcopal, Epiphany, Riviera are some excellent choices.

For older kids, 6th grade and up you have Ramson Everglades, Miami County Day and Palmer Trinity. From pre-K through 12th-grade education you have Gulliver Academy, Riviera Day, and Cushman.

For Catholic schools, you have all-girls schools Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart or Lourdes Academy. For boys, Belen or Columbus are great high school. La Salle is also a great choice. 

Key Biscayne School Choices

Education in Key Biscayne is also available. There are all kinds of choices on the private side, but you need to act fast as spots are limited and a waiting list is very stressful.

The island’s private schools are St. Agnes Academy, the Presbyterian School, and St. Christopher by the Sea Montessori School

Key Biscayne Community School (KBCS) is “A” public school according to the Public School Classification. In order to attend you need to live in Key Biscayne. The quality of life Key Biscayne offers is an excellent complemental ingredient for an integral upbringing. 

  MAST Program for middle and high school and the Coral Gables IB are the choices for older kids. 

Key Biscayne Community Center is a must

 KBCC is also part of the choices you have when you live and decide to raise your children in KB. Most of the after school sports programs can be obtained at KBCC, children and the entire family benefit tremendously from all the activities offered. 

Education is the most important investment, do your research your kids deserve it!

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