Hurricanes in Key Biscayne, Fl are worse in August?

Get prepared for Hurricanes in South Florida. Key Biscayne Village helps you be informed.
Key Biscayne and Hurricanes

Hurricane Season

Hurricanes in Key Biscayne and in Florida have been actually recorded since the 1900s. Earlier than the 1900s there is a 1523 hurricane recorded other than that it was when cities started to get a population that the actual tracking started.

The hurricane season starts on June 1st until November 15. Until mid-end of August, the Typhoons are more active on the Pacific side. The mid-end of August is when the hurricanes are more experienced on the Atlantic. There is a tendency to feel that August is the Hurricane month, back to school is on those same dates.

Usually, the kids go back to school the city feels overwhelmed by re-adjusting from the 3 months of summer vacation, the back to school supplies, new teacher, new schedule ect. and right as the kids are in school a hurricane is on its way to Florida. We tend to associate that Hurricane hit on August, as we are done with getting the kids back to school we need to rush through getting prepared for a hurricane.

Thru the data recollection, September is the actual month with the most hurricane formations.

Hurricane in Miami Get Prepared Key Biscayne Recommends

In Miami, authorities publish their guide to hurricane readiness as early as June every year and start reminding us of getting prepared for the hurricane season.  It is important to take care of things that require time to fix, such as impact windows or shutters, checking the roof for any leakage, cutting trees and any other major repair. It is also time to go thru the recommended guideline and check what you might be missing. During that time it is time to check on batteries supplies, camping kits, lamps, generators and any other supplies you might need to go thru without power.

It is highly important to have all your important documents all organized in a binder so you take them with you. You start with all legal documents of your property such as your deed and insurance. All your personal documents as birth certificates, social security, passport. As well as any other documents you might consider important to protect and keep with you at all times.

The same goes with having babies, small children, elderly or being under a medication treatment. Make sure you have all your medications during these months ask your doctor to keep a refill prescription. Get all the medication supplies and specialty foods available.

To avoid long lines and last-minute people hysteria, grocery shopping could also be done with time. You need to think as if you would be out of power and having a hard time to move into the city. Keeping extra dried and canned foods that requires minimum preparation such as tuna, cereal and protein bars as well as a few cases of water is recommended.

Hurricane in Key Biscayne preparation is something to consider very seriously as it is an island 20 min away from main city of Miami. Fl.

Once a Hurricane is our way

Once a hurricane is formed and heading our way the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) starts communicating its track and characteristics. Local government officials, as well as state officials, start making announcements to guide the residents on the steps that need to be taken in the case the storm heads towards your location.

Once an alert has been issued you have enough time to decide whether you are going to stay thru the storm and take care of last-minute things. Usually, this time becomes extremely overwhelming to people panicking over a major hurricane coming our way to try not to leave preparation for the last minute in order to avoid going thru long lines or not finding the items that you needed.

During summer heavy rain keeps the level of water high so if you live in a flooding zone sandbags are highly recommended you can get prepared by getting them with time or usually right before a storm authorities make sand available.  If you live in an evacuation area it is important to prepare and protect your home before you leave as well as prepare accommodations where you will go find the right shelter, hotels outside evacuation areas get booked quickly and air tickets get sold out fast.

Kids Panicking over Hurricane 

Authorities, as well as schools, enter in a process of different alert stages to guide and protect the people. It is normal to get overwhelmed and fear a storm coming, nevertheless try to avoid getting agitated in front of your children. Kids are being bombarded by information that can be very scary and fearful. Learning to confront danger is something important as a South Florida resident and if you prepare with the time you can minimize the panic and teach your children how to confront emergencies without getting overwhelmed.

Hurricane Season and Key Biscayne

The City of Key Biscayne is flooding and evacuation zone. The city follows all of Miami-Dade and State Florida guidelines and steps to be taken and imposes during the different stages of alerts, warnings, and measures during a hurricane storm. The village website updates every year its Hurricane Information page where you can find all different pieces of information you might need.  For announcements during emergencies, the city uses Channel 77 Online to keep residents informed. Mandatory evacuation orders are imposed according to the track, speed, and characteristics of the storm.

In addition, you have the local news as Key News that keep the village informed of every update as the storm progresses. Key Biscayne is a very small community so different Hurricane in Key Biscayne chats have been created to keep in touch and informed, find out thru your friends and join a group whether on Facebook or Whatsapp to keep yourself in contact with friends and neighbors.

In times of storms prepare yourself and stay safe!

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