Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown survival can be scary if you obsess the odds you can not control, especially if you focus on the members of your community that are getting positives results or those who are not following a minimum of the guidelines requested by authorities

The virus has spread globally, it is a fact we are all part of. Now, it is our attitude that determines how hard this experience will unfold. If you focus on what you can do to make it thru or if you worry about what others are doing to minimize the spread, it will make the biggest difference.

Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown

One of the biggest concerns surviving the lockdown is your capacity to keep your mind functioning so you do not end up creating a downward spiral leading to depression, despair or panic.

In our daily life we produce tons of chemicals that keep us motivated and push us to be active. When we suddenly stop some people have a hard time adjusting, it is important to have that awareness in order to be proactive and search for an approach to deal with the particular circumstance that could help you cope with this general crisis. Do not let the situation alter and drag your anxieties, frustration or fears.

Depending on where you are located if you are experiencing a total lockdown or a partial lockdown your actitude will be different.

Now for cities that still allow you to walk, buy take out food and have groceries and pharmacies open. Take advantage and set up a routine to get a strong dose of the sun but limit your trips to the groceries. Otherwise, the same applies.

Nevertheless, it is just plain discipline the same you have every day going to work or running household errands. I suggest gather with your family and have everyone set up and write their daily plans, schedule, and routine, kind of like Laura Berg shares on her videos adapted to today’s circumstances.  Have everyone make a plan even if it is within the walls of your home, including  adults create a sense of team effort atmosphere to survive this experience. Keeping busy and motivated will minimize household dramas.

Research available activities

Once everyone puts down their priorities on their list as parents working remotely and children doing school online, then you need to set up rules to create boundaries so that everyone can effectively get their priorities done.

For the rest of the routine be creative and research, you have 1-3 hrs a day extra as you do not need to commute to go work, that is plenty of time to set up certain times to get involved with everyone for playtime or family board games or puzzles.  You can also take the opportunity to have everyone Spring cleaning or finally take care of that house project you had in mind , like painting a room!

Make of the time a time to make a plan! Youtube can be of great help, you can find all sort of tutorials that you can do at home such as cooking recipes, beauty treatments, exercises, yoga and much more.

Maybe this could also be a great time to catch up with something you had no time before, you can get all the books downloaded and have some reading time or check for these entire choices of all kinds of courses you could take from the best Ivy League Universities in the country.

Now if you love culture, music or movies check this entire list of online museums, concertos, Metropolitan Opera, and the latest Netflix Party

Check from your favorite trainers who are doing some online workouts or simply google it.  There are tons of online meditation classes, yoga and exercise that you look for. Or ask your trainer for Instagram lives or Zoom groups works out.

We live in a world where technology keeps us socially active while keeping distance. For that, we need to be very, very grateful and make the best use of it to keep us functioning and not feel isolated while we remain at home.

Groceries and Take Out Food

Some cities are still keeping restaurants open as take-out facilities, find out which of your local dinner is working or download & check Ubereat, Postmate or Grub and make your life easier. If daily cooking is an issue in your life use it, do not drain yourself depending on your budget.

Miami, Key Biscayne Announcements & Restaurants Take-out Food

Try to keep informed with the official information, beware of messages with no proper sourcing. It could mean just adding more distress than benefits.

Find here some official sites:

Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez established all restaurants into take-out only. This is a great alternative, go ahead call your favorite local dinner or just download UberEats, Postmate or Grubhub, and order your favorite foods.

Key Biscayne Take out restaurants list click here

Delivers to your house:

BC Boom Catering

Trufa Gourmet

La Margarita Wonderfood 

Nati Prieto Vazquez 786-3160463 helps with errands for elderly

Coronavirus Experience

This is the very first global pandemic since globalization, it will certainly bring a lot of changes in the world. Global Health Regulations will need to be reviewed or introduced if China continues spreading diseases, countries need to enforce new medical screening for Chinese travelers.

The economy crash will take time and effort to normalize. Some have already lost their job or investments and some fear that they could lose it in the aftermath. Those who have gone through adversity understand that when you can not control a situation, people or things it is time to focus on yourself to save your energy, mental and physical health that we will then need to get back on the saddle.

Wishing you a lot of patience and for now, stay safe.


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Coronavirus Lockdown Survival