Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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The Miami Bay Walk has a Dominoe Monument!

The Miami Bay Walk has a Dominoe Monument! The Bay Walk has been one of the longest projects Miami has taken to materialize, it starts from Brickell 15th Rd and travels thru all the waterfront seawall as a corridor up the Miami Women’s Club on the Edgewater area.

Elisa Benedetti H. Domino Installation

Photo: Elisa Benedetti H

Today I want you to enjoy Elisa Benedetti H. photography ‘s passion and dedication as well as to take advantage of her joys of the outdoors, trail, or pathway around the bay. Just a few weeks ago, she discovered and was captivated by this amazing structure right by the exit of the Venetian causeway. You can appreciate all captures and angles on the video shots obtaining an incredible series of depth and 3D shots combined on a perfect collage of this fabulous piece of art.

Elisa Benedetti H. Domino Installation

Photo: Elisa Benedetti H

The Dominoes are embedded in Latin culture, Calle 8 has kept the tradition as a reflection of Cuban & Latin Heritage.  The Dominoe Sculpture or art display has been adopted and is very symbolic in Miami. Eduardo Castineira from Axioma 3 Architects contributes with this magnificent dominoe installation which is now part of the Miami skyline.

The Miami Corridor

Fourteen years since planners from Biscayne Bayfront and the Miami River Greenway got together to work on a promenade along the shoreline of Biscayne Bay. In 2018, the Miami DDA hired the design firm, Savino Miller, to ideate a trail that would unify and connect into a unique promenade for recreational and mobility needs, as well as fortify the shoreline wall as a frontline of defense against sea-level rise and storm surges.

The project starts right off 15th Rd on Brickell Bay Dr. and all these condominiums are part of this promenade

on the Brickell side, the Jade Signature, the Mark, the 4 Ambassadors, Brickell Key, the Icon, the Kiptom Epic, the Aston Martin, One Miami.

All the main gathering recreation section is the area from the Bayfront Park, Bayside, Miami American Airlines Arena, the Maurice Ferre Park, The Perez Art Museum.

Recently, the project has focused on adding from the Genting/Resorts World the Women’s Club, the Margaret Place Market, and several the condominium projects in Edgewater, Onyx on the Bay, Missoni Baia, Icon Bay, Biscayne Beach, Elysee, One Paraiso.


Edgewater Water Bay Walk

The Miami Baywalk-Riverwalk


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