Friday, October 23, 2020
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Christmas treats ideas, are you looking for something to add to your menu for Christmas or Holiday celebrations or forgot to get something to bring with you to the holding-party. Today I have gathered a few choices for these last-minute treats.

I know how the Holidays can be so overwhelming with gift shopping, decorations, family visiting, and the menu plus dinner time. Even if you celebrated within the privacy of your family we all want to throw the best party to our loved ones.

Christmas Treats Ideas

La Trufa Gourmet Appetizers

One of a kind appetizers or first-course meal from @laTrufaGourmet , a full catering service all year round servicing Key Biscayne and neighboring cities around Miami.

For this year they are offering a great variety form tuna tataki, salmon tartar, ceviche, Thai rolls, arugula salad and tuna over Mexican tostaditas.

Appetizers la Trufa Gourmet

La Trufa Gourmet Appetizers



Casabe , yuca toast

Caribbean Yucca flatbread. A great option to substitute bread or canapes crakers. Yucca can be buttered and toasted with garlic-herbs or served as Mexican tostadas. An ideal gluten-free food. Contact @yukasabe

Hallacas Orlando

Hallacas Orlando


Traditional Venezuelan tamal made out of layered cornmeal garnished with cooked meat and chicken stew, olive, raisin, almond, and others, then folded and wrapped with a plantain leaf.

It is served as an entree dish and usually only made during the month of December. Orlando’s Hallacas contact (786)3915844 or (305)5463791

Pan De Jamon

Pan de Jamon

Isabel’s version of Pan de Jamon

Traditional Venezuela bread for Christmas dinner.

Bread dough roll with ham, olives, and raisins. It is served with the traditional Hallacas, chicken salad, hallacas , turkey and pork!

Check it @tinybites



Coquito eggnog



Famous Puerto-Rican eggnog made with coconut milk, cinnamon, and other ingredients. Traditionally offered during the Christmas season. Contact (786)4022074

                             Table of Sweets of Miami

Rum Cake

Cuban Rum Cake and Moca Peppermint



Delicious Cuban Rum cake @tableofsweetmiami made out with an authentic recipe. It comes in two flavors Rum & Coke or Peppermint Mocha.

Do not miss out on Santa’s Cookie Box!



Enjoy our Christmas Treats Ideas! and have Happy Holidays!

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