Friday, October 23, 2020
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Stone crab season is here! October 15th marked the first day of stone crab season 2019. The season opened with a great event in Key Biscayne. If you missed going to Key Biscayne Seafood Festival this last weekend do not worry I am going to tell you where to go for the best stone crab in Miami Fl.

Stone Crab Season is here how do you know its freshness?

It is very hard to find out how fresh is the crab you are eating until you crack it. It is well known that some fisherman likes to keep some of the harvests to be sold during high demand days.

The main problem is that these fishermen do not have the necessary freezing equipment it is needed to freeze and not damage the quality of the product.  Freezing with homestyle residential freezers takes longer freeze burning the crab meat.

So if you eat crab meat that is dry or tends to stick to the shell most likely it has been frozen by the fisherman. A fresh claw has its shell shiny and the meat is fluffy and juicy.

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 Joe Stone’s Crab is a tradition 

Stone Crab is a Florida attraction, they are wild-caught and its supply is limited and seasonal.

Joe’s stone crab is a tradition for the last 100+ years to eat the best stone crabs. There are many other restaurants that serve stone crabs but if you live in Miami or for visitors Joe’s is the iconic place to experience. Its origin and family longterm business guarantees the freshness of the product.

If you are in Miami you can meet them at the Sobe Seafood Week from October 22-26!

 Stone Crab at home

Now if you want to serve something especial at home and impress your guests stone crab is what you want to have! For that here is Fresh Stone Crab they have been in the business since 1996 and specializing in harvesting and delivering.

Fresh Stone Crab do not freeze, their catch is packaged and immediately delivered locally or shipped all over within the US.


So again if you missed the Key Biscayne Seafood Festival


Note: All photography featured on the video is Elisa Benedetti

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