Friday, October 23, 2020
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Best Ceviche in Key Biscayne for many residents it is still Marcelo’s Ceviche Truck!

Who is Marcelo’s Ceviche

Around 2005, Marcelo  Florindez was laid off from his job for taking a vacation. He took this difficult time as an opportunity to follow a desire to own his own business.

As a Peruvian native, he had this gift for making fresh, flavorful ceviche. He knew that investing in a restaurant required an investment he could not afford. So he focused on making his ceviche a mobile experience.

At first, he would supply to other restaurants on the island as he invested in the workshop and applied for the necessary licenses. Marcelo is very proud to be, as far as he knows, the only licensed ceviche truck servicing Key Biscayne for the last fourteen years.

Marcelo’s ceviche won this title over the years as my children were growing up and I was reinforcing them the habits of eating seafood and healthy choices. It became the only ceviche they would eat and no other would excel.

The fish and seafood he primarily uses come from Costa Rica and Panama, Central America. Only the onion, lime juice, sweet potatoes, and cilantro are local fresh produce. And as for the key spices and typical condiments come from Peru.

His fish ceviche is marinated in lime juice, cilantro, rocoto chilies, and red onions. The fish is fresh, marinated just right, and contain enough of a hint of spice.

How to find and order from Marcelo’s Ceviche

Unless you need a catering order, Marcelo operates taking orders, preparing and pre-elaborating at his workshop the different components. Once in the truck, he makes his ceviche to order. You can request the combinations of fish, level of spice, and typical ceviche condiments. He garnished his small or large portion according to the orders previously taken or as they call him on the spot.

He can be found by 11:00 at the Calusa Tennis Courts, in Key Biscayne where he puts together all orders and then delivers door to door, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. you can contact him on Instagram @marcelosceviches or call (305) 3184160



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