Thursday, October 1, 2020
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“El Cayo Vizcaíno  ”  is a short- documentary film produced by Brian Rivera Uncapher showings us our paradise in disguise. The wonders of nature and its habitat of the island of Key Biscayne.

Using the latest technology tools, Brian Rivera Uncapher’s short film “El Cayo Vizcaíno” takes us into a dream adventure thru the mangroves and flora, and its fauna. His scenery and shots of blackfin shark, tri-colored heron, loggerhead turtle, manta ray, crocodile, sandhill crane, and flocks of sandpipers and seagulls among other birds are of exquisite beauty. The landscape footage makes you travel into a world that we have just right here next to us and sometimes need to be reminded.

Documentary Film is more than a passion

Brian Rivera Uncapher passion in photography started at a very young age as he was growing up in El Salvador.  Key Biscayne was his summer retreat vacation as growing up until he moves to Miami to follow a career. As a resident of Key Biscayne for many years now, he always feels the need to express the beauty of the island and his concerns related to the habitat that surrounds us.

Ultimately his goal using the means of photography and documentary filming is to create the necessary awareness and responsibility to preserve the habitat and environment of Key Biscayne and the world. He has won numerous awards and recognition for his several works and founder of @EarthAperture.

In his last interview for the Islander News Uncapher said: “I put a short film together on the key for people to see what is right there on their doorsteps, not the condos or the restaurants but the amazing wildlife…and to do everything possible in this day and age to preserve it”.

Cayo Vizcaíno” the film 

You can read the entire interview of Brian Rivera Uncapher  here 

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