Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Summer is here and the kids are home and camp season is here! After an entire year of school waking up early, following rules and doing homework kids need their time for recreation, creativity, and exploration. Mind you they also need their time for waking up late and have no plans, they need to also learn quietly how to entertain themselves!

Key Biscayne is a perfect camp scenario by itself, it is an ideal place for short-term rental or for a second home investment to spend all summer having both the children and adults spend quality time. The family-oriented community facilitates and creates a great ambiance to make friends and enjoy, between the beach, the park, the Community Center and most special your neighbor friends. Choosing a neighborhood to raise a family is very important when moving, relocating or buying a home Key Biscayne has the vibe of being on summer vacation all year around even for most residents.

For your little ones, you can plan all kinds of playdates for a few hours and then teach them to be home and quietly learn to entertain themselves. I remember planning summer days for my little ones always included some quiet exploration at home and then later in the day a few hours with neighbors friends at Beach Club, The Ocean Club or Key Colony were their favorite places. We then ended at the Ritz Carlton for a virgin frozen pina colada. Most importantly for them was they were with the same friends that went to school together and that were also their neighbors and ultimately they are friends that became family!

Now, once they are older they want to hang out and share with friends. Living in Key Biscayne they are fortunate to have the possibility to share and enjoy with friends like nowhere.  The ability to meet with their friends bicycling to their houses and make different plans on their own like enjoying together at the Ocean Club Pool, playing soccer at the green village, basketball at the community center and ending at Sir Pizza is the most fortunate upbringing kids can have on today’s world. The independence and group skills are embedded for their life as they are learning, experimenting and living making their own choices.

Of course, the summer is long and some guided activities are also part of summer fun. Three months is too long for having them with no schedule or routine. Key Biscayne offers all sort of activities, short and longer season camps.

Key Biscayne Summer Camps

Some of the best Summer Camps are in Key Biscayne, you do not really need to go out the island.

For the little ones, The Presbyterian Church, as well as the Community Church, offer great plans during the summer month.

For older kid the best way to find out is thru Key Biscayne Community Center, they usually have all the information pamphlets.

Nevertheless, there are a few other choices: for Rowing Summer Camp you can contact ,  for sailing the Yacht Club contact or (305)3619171 , for soccer; for animals & biology there is the Miami Seaquarium, the Marine Biology camp (786)8978789 or the Biscayne Nature Center (305)3616767, for tennis the

For more specific camps there is the Young Engineers Camp contact; for real training, the Triathlon Camp contact or (785)8731234; or the Kiteboarding Camp contact .

Now for word of mouth Summer Camp tips!

Smaller camps activities you have the Art & Rollerblading Camp contact (786) 3063017, the Keybees Camp in Virginia Key contact 1(816)7440394 or the best Art experience ArtNahila (786)6634930

Hoping you have the best summer!











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