Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Living in Key Biscayne is as living in Tropical weather you never really know when it is actually going to rain. Or if it is actually going to rain on your neighborhood or the area you are heading to, it might be rainy on Key Biscayne but not necessarily in Brickell which is 7 miles away.

Key Biscayne Bridge on a rainy day. by photographer Elisa Benedetti

Rainstorms do not last, therefore lifestyle is very unpredictable. a 30 min rain can ruin your party or event so you need to be prepared for a B plan in case it rains.

Living in Key Biscayne is perfect to give your life a change, or  if you are looking to move or you are being relocated

Key Biscayne, Fl provides a fabulous community family oriented style of living. Nevertheless, bear in mind that if you plan to have guests over to entertain choosing a home that provides roof spacious terraces or Gazebo is very important, it provides you an immediate plan B to accommodate your guests until the rain is over.

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Now, Tropical rains come and go so fast that a day at the beach doesn’t necessarily get ruin. There is a saying ‘the darker the cloud the fastest the rain goes away’. So never stop your plans because of a dark cloud. If you are going to the beach or on a boat ride do not change your plan just adapt to the rain showers!

Life in Florida is a blessing and a community as Key Biscayne is a real paradise on earth!





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