Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Today I am going to talk about visual media, how it has become an important tool to master.

More and more jobs are adopting these new technologies to connect and facilitate the speed of actions. In the past, companies had to pay fortunes on traveling to reassure and manage their operations or sales overseas. The email was revolutionary but the eye to eye contact was still a necessity.

Today more and more jobs are adopting these new visual technologies and platforms, communications from departments to departments. Corporate meetings held by teleconference live meetings settings. Skype or Telegram group sharing visually is being used at executive levels, and even job interviews are now using these technologies. At entrepreneur levels, exposing themselves to these technologies is the number one venue for sales and branding, YouTube and Facebook have revolutionized marketing.

All changes have a learning curve, and even though grabbing one’s computer or phone and recording seems so easy it does not mean our message, our sales or image obtain the expected results. Some are born with the gift of self-portraying the image as well as the message with synergy and with the power of convincing or credibility. On the other hand, others like me do not know what we are actually doing!

So today I have someone you cannot miss helping us with her expertise, I am introducing Monica Gomez-Cuetara, a pioneer on image consulting and personal branding, with outstanding awards on the fashion industry, as well as an important corporate portfolio as Telecinco, Sack’s, Carrefour and many more.

Monica originally from Madrid, Spain grew up spending many summer vacation as a child in Key Biscayne, Florida. Seven years ago, looking for her family to share her same experience she moves to the island with her husband and two children. Now, that her children are in college, she commutes between Miami and Madrid. Devoting her time teaching and coaching the importance of self-image as a tool.

So I have invited her to join and collaborate on WhyKeyBiscayne as the expert on personal image branding. Stay tuned for her tips and advice.

And on the meantime, if you are already familiarized with the necessity to update and improve your self-image. Reserve the day and come on the 21th of April to a Coaching experience with Monica. She will coach about personal branding covering body language, a color that goes well with the image as well as your best body attributes.

Find out more and see there!

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