Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the greater Miami area, Key Biscayne is a sanctuary for those
looking to raise a family with little worry, while maintaining access to metropolitan life.

Unlike most Miami neighborhoods, the island of Key Biscayne offers the rare childhood experience romanticized by the Boomer generation and Hollywood: children can be seen riding their bikes and playing with friends
unattended all around the Key; doors are commonly left unlocked, as kids run in and out of the house,
plotting their next island adventure; parents can trust their children to be home by curfew or can easily
find them playing at the park or local recreation center, and all is well.

Such a carefree child-rearing experience is unheard of today, in the era of helicopter parenting, most
parents would scoff at the idea of leaving their children unattended in public – and with good reason, as
Miami’s reputation for crime and violence should not be undermined.

However, this does not come without consequence: as a result, the reality is that busy parents increasingly rely on screens to keep their children entertained, rather than allowing them the freedom for exploration and play with
neighboring kids. More critical are the detrimental effects excessive screen-time has on the overall
development of children (which will be further discussed in future entries).

This is the privilege and luxury children who grow up on the key are afforded: their parents needn’t worry about their safety, and they, in turn, can play independently and explore the many wonders childhood and this beautiful
island has to offer.

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