Thursday, October 1, 2020
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I am delighted and honored to have the opportunity to present you a sequence with several posts, dedicated to the talent, passion, achievements, and legacy of award-winning Architect Willy Borroto Montori and his contribution to architecture, design and real estate of modern Key Biscayne. The legacy and recognition as first-generation Cuban immigrant succeeding in exile, as well as his life, wife, and family.

Willy was born in Cuba, at the heart of a family of intellectuals and educators, surrounded by Caribbean idiosyncrasies, mambo rhythms, exotic charms, colors, and flavors.

His early education was at his family school, Colegio Cubano Arturo Montori where he was taught discipline, principles, leadership, and team play as primary tools of life.

He then went on to learn the importance of mastering at details, while studying at Academia de Artes Plasticas, San Alejandro. To later, join the Architecture faculty at the University of La Habana.

Thereupon, moves to Berkeley’s University of California, School of Architecture. At the time, he was in exile waiting to overthrow the Fidel Castro’s regime. Most family members started coming as temporary visitors not knowing they would stay indefinitely.

After working for a few years in California, working hard and moving up the ladder for his talent, and success he gets an offer he cannot refuse to move to Miami, Fl. He works at the offices of architect Robert Bradford Browne, a renown architect of the time, around mid-60s. And later on, he opens his own firm partnering with architect James Donald Lee, forming the Borroto & Lee Architects and Planners in Coconut Grove.

It was a Cuban “call of the Flock” and the best decision he made. In 1968, while working at the World Fair Interama he meets Marilyn his now wife and long companion. And as newlyweds decide to move to Key Biscayne in 1971, to have a family and raise their children, and now prepare for the elderly stage.

They embraced KB and made a lifetime of dreams. As a couple, they intrinsically got involved in all the community aspects of the island. His altruism, sense of community and genius creativity have helped lay the foundations of Key Biscayne Village. His great contribution serving in the creation and implementation of the zoning code regulations, while at the same time his legacy can be found throughout the Village in the form of buildings and homes.

In a few weeks, I will focus on his ventures, projects, his contribution to luxury and modern developments & Architecture of Key Biscayne.




Almafi Coast~2013








Universidad de La Habana~Alma Matter, 1987



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