Thursday, October 1, 2020
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How important are these little ones in your life? Are you buying a new home or in the process of remodeling your house? Dedicating space to clean and bathe your pet has become more and more trendy.

Well, think about it how many times do you take your pet to get groomed? Or how many times do your mobile groomers come to your house? Regularly your pets especially your dogs will need extra showers. Most people turn to their patio or garden to use a hose in the backyard or share their own shower.

I don’t know how many of you need to use your own shower and then you need to clean after it so you can use it. If you have issues with hairs in the shower like me, using my shower for my pets can become a big issue, no matter how I adore them and how many showers I can give them the hair cleaning afterward is a trigger for me or for my cleaning lady.


If you live an area with winter it is a must, because doing it in your backyard is not the best idea. But if you live in South of Florida during summer you cannot have them in the yard they suffer too much with the high temperatures, much less you are going to use your hose and get all sweat even your cleaning helper would not be very happy.

I agree that dedicating an area to shower your dogs is not a necessity but it is definitely very convenient. Especially if you are in the process of looking for a new home or remodeling it, thinking about your furry family member would make daily life much easier.

Most designers that share my thought including this special area use the laundry room, the major consideration is the size of your dog and how furry, so after the shower you ‘ll have enough space for the drying process.

I am sure that this is not a major detail when you are buying a Luxury Home, but for me, Luxury is not just about fancy living it is also about making the details of my daily life and those around me efficient, neat and tidy.

So, think about it including a shower for the furry members in your life would make life much easier!

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